Thursday, October 18, 2007

So long to the days of fun!

There is nothing more important in life than a boy and his bear! Mason and Buddy were waiting for the bus for "show and tell" day.

Last Days of Summer

The arm band rocker falls fast asleep.

So the boys decided to sell lemonade with Uncle Pat. They set up the stand and made the signs and stood at the end of the driveway screaming at people and cars as they went by. They cashed in $6.75 the first day and over $9.50 the second day. Nice!

Mom loves to Kayak..... went vacationing on the inlet side of Delaware.

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More Kayaking

Monica with sisters Laura and Maureen

Happy Birthday Grandma Cookie - Viva La Mexico

Decided to take a nice day trip to Hershey Park before summer ended.

The kids at the Tokyo Diner

First Day of School 2007-2008, Leah is not starting school yet but wanted to be in the picture.

Leah - 3rd Birthday, with cousins Ava and Avery

How old are you?

"Houston.....we have a problem!"

My first Build-A-Bear

I am going to be a heart breaker!

The ladies at dance.....ooohhhhh how they find more and more ways to take money from you.