Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fall Update

We haven't had time to update anything.....but here are some recent photos and captions.

Leah and cousin Ruby...she has to wear a bell so you don't step on her.....the dog not Leah

Getting ready for Aunt Maureen's Wedding

Mason in his action soccer shot!

Dad and Mason

Halloween Sock-Hop in her poodle skirt


This is the only shot I had of Alex since the last update.....nice kid.....why don't you hide a little more!

So I threw a surprise 30th birthday party for was a great turnout. Thanks everyone that made it work and for all the help with the event. At least she was loved for one day. Happy Birthday Mona!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

So long to the days of fun!

There is nothing more important in life than a boy and his bear! Mason and Buddy were waiting for the bus for "show and tell" day.

Last Days of Summer

The arm band rocker falls fast asleep.

So the boys decided to sell lemonade with Uncle Pat. They set up the stand and made the signs and stood at the end of the driveway screaming at people and cars as they went by. They cashed in $6.75 the first day and over $9.50 the second day. Nice!

Mom loves to Kayak..... went vacationing on the inlet side of Delaware.

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More Kayaking

Monica with sisters Laura and Maureen

Happy Birthday Grandma Cookie - Viva La Mexico

Decided to take a nice day trip to Hershey Park before summer ended.

The kids at the Tokyo Diner

First Day of School 2007-2008, Leah is not starting school yet but wanted to be in the picture.

Leah - 3rd Birthday, with cousins Ava and Avery

How old are you?

"Houston.....we have a problem!"

My first Build-A-Bear

I am going to be a heart breaker!

The ladies at dance.....ooohhhhh how they find more and more ways to take money from you.

Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July Weekend

We had a Rittenhouse Reunion.....probably the last time the whole clan will be together like was a fun weekend and great to see all the Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Enjoy the pics!

Emily and Jared Mack

Sweet Aunt Amy!

Well we have these two to blame for messing up the gene pool....Grandma and Grandpa Rittenhouse

Pretty...I like nature shots!

I won't even go do you get a grown man into a costume to embarrass himself?

Had to post this is all of the great grandkids!

I truly have the best family.

Cute one of Kim and Brett Condie...newlyweds!

Long's Park Fireworks

Cousin Paige going for a smooch from Owen

Kory and Mark Brown

Checking out some sweet fireworks

The Happy Couple

Back From The Beach we survived the annual beach trip to Dewey, MD. 28 people jammed into a house, I need a vacation after the vacation. Actually it was a good week, limited fighting and mood swings. Take a look at the pictures....there was ton more but I selected just a few. Happy 33rd to me!

Mom and Leah gearing up for the competitive sack race

The Knarr Granddaughters

The Knarr Grandsons

Alex, Mason, & Leah......cute.....

My boy Jack Jack....and his loser Dad!..Just kidding Derek

Monica and Abby....BFF's...whatever!

Here's the whole lot of them...with Grandma Laura and Pop Pop

My Princesses!

That's us - Beach picture 2007

The Brown's.....

Alex and Connor

The treasure hunters and their bounty

This is a classic picture.....look at Leah all innocent ready for her soon as the thing took off she started screaming for the entire ride and wanted off.....then after it all stopped she started to panic because she could not get out of the harness....I got it on video but I really can;t figure out all this technical stuff to post it. Anyway....absolutely hilarious.

Another classic.....the four cousins decided to race the mini carts....Alex and Connor were O.K. driving, but Ethan and Mason had some learning curves...after Ethan finally got his car started they raced and smashed into each other.....finally the race was over and here comes Mason into the pits without stopping....smashed into Connor's car and sent him flying about 5 feet in his car....nobody got hurt except Mason's pride...HILARIOUS!